As you explore my website, my intention is that you open yourself to opportunities for:

  • exploring the seven major chakras and their impacts on your life
  • discovering your path to healing and spiritual growth
  • learning more about who you are from the inside out
  • unleashing the power to direct your own life
  • finding your own path
  • awakening your intuition
  • empowering yourself in all aspects of life
  • finding your inner balance
  • learning powerful techniques to enhance yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically
  • mastering principles of energy transformation and healing
  • harnessing the power of your subtle body for self-healing and transformation
  • gaining insight into advanced energy healing wisdom

Intuitive Consult

Seeking Love

Resolve Family Issues

Experiencing Depression, Sadness, Anger, Addictions

At a Crossroads in Life/Transitions

Need a Career Consultation

Having Money or Financial Issues

Reduce Stress and the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Energetic Impacts of Stress

General Feelings of Being Stuck, Unhappy or Ill At Ease with Life

Want to Develop your Intuition

I provide insights into the different ways in which your future could unfold. You create your life events through a combination of intention, intuition, visualization, self- expression and action. My purpose is to help you expand yourself to be who you were born to be, and to introduce you to the world of your highest potential.

You may choose from three types of sessions:

  • Intuitive Consult
  • Past Life Connection
  • Life Purpose Message

When I accept a session, I align with God to assist you in making the best possible choices for your life. The intuitive messages come through images, feelings, words and symbolic pictures.

Every session is unique and I will deliver the message(s) you are meant to receive at this time. My delivery is direct and to the point. I do not edit the messages I receive. If your message is to gently coax you toward a specific goal, I will deliver the message accordingly. However, if the message demands that you become motivated to take action, I will deliver that message with the same vigor and intention.

Intuitive Healer

Need your Chakras Assessed and Aligned

Want to Improve Concentration and Mental Clarity

Looking to Clear Blockages—Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, or Energetic

Need to Boost Physical or Mental Energy

Have Health & Wellness Concerns

Want to Achieve and Maintain Balance and Integration

As a Healer, the body knows what the heart wants. The seven major chakras are the key elements to having a life with works. Each chakra is identified with physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being. When an imbalance occurs, your body reacts with either an illness or mental breakdown. Along with either, emotional distress compounds the issue(s) and creates outward displays of the inner turmoil. Aligning your chakras generates peace and harmony with all aspects of the human condition.

When there is a gap between who you were born to be and who you choose to be, your body creates an imbalance which opens the possibility for illness and disease. In a world focused on disease, it is important to look at what is causing your dis-ease. Your body is a resistance machine and when you choose to ignore the heart’s desire that resistance initiates disease.

When exploring the world of healing, it is important to note that healing is not curing. Only God can cure. I open the body so it may release the stories that block your chakras; the energy system that controls your mind, body and spiritual connection.

Intuitive Coach

Seeking Improved Self-Confidence, Communication & Time Management Skills

Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Looking to Create a Work-Life Balance

Living Your Purpose

Being Success-oriented

Coaching is creating an ongoing relationship with another person who:

  • Tells the truth, without judgment
  • Is curious about you and what you want
  • Listens to you; your words and the meaning behind your words
  • Searches for the best in you and reflects it back to you
  • Challenges you to be your best self and to go for your best life
  • Focuses on you; what you want, what you need to be successful
  • Wants to help you move forward to the life you want
  • Works with you to create action plans with structures for accountability
  • Helps you gather all of your assets to focus on making your life fulfilling

Coaching is proven to work when two factors are present:

  1. You are willing to grow, and
  2. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

That is all that is necessary for you and I to resolve issues and design and implement a plan of action to achieve big goals and transform your life.

  • Host an Intuitive Gathering Event!
  • Ask 6 - 12 of your friends or family members.
  • You host the Intuitive Gathering in your home.
  • You choose the date and time.
  • You offer a few light refreshments.
  • Watch your guests receive messages they need to hear!
  • You feel wonderful.

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