Reasons Why People Seek Out Intuitive Services

  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Divorce, breakup, or other relationship issues
  • Health issues
  • Addictions
  • Crossroads in life/transitions
  • Loss of job
  • When traditional therapy hasn’t worked
  • General feelings of being stuck, unhappy or ill at ease with one’s life

What I Offer

Intuitive Readings

I can offer you insight into your past, present and probable future through an Intuitive Reading. Discover your Life Purpose Message or explore your Past Life Connection. Knowledge is power, and living the life you were meant to live is just an click away.


Intuitive Healing

Healing comes from balance, and I specialize in Chakra Balance. I connect with your chakras, assess  and align the energy flowing through your body, and reveal the stories blocking the fulfillment of your 'happily ever after' life. Impact dis-ease.


Intuitive Coaching

Beginning a coaching agreement provides you with the opportunity to fulfill on your Life Purpose. You will set goals, share breakdowns and breakthroughs, and generate actions that will create powerful choice and a new future. What will you choose?


Intuitive Development

Intuitive gifts need to be developed. I will create a customized training program to empower your individual gifts., on your time schedule, with 100% input from you. Development of your gifts begins with a commitment, an open heart and alignment with your Life Purpose.

Available for Adults & Children

For Adults

Emotional Release

This is a unique service where I listen to you fully and completely. You say what you need to say, the way you need to say it. You will have the opportunity to release stories from the past and secrets that have limited your present and future. You will be able to express ALL your emotions. This session is all about release and having the life you love.


Angels Among Us

I believe Autistic individuals are angels living among us. Their divine purpose is to let us know God is among us, and their struggle comes in fitting immense power in a limiting form. Connecting with other 'angels' and  generating themselves fully will make a difference. Their purpose defines mine; Listening for the Voice of God Within.


For Children

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