Through meditation and personal experience, I believe that individuals with Autism are angels restricted by the human experience. I believe we are all spiritual beings living the human experience, however, my experience with Jordyn Pallett transformed my life and expanded my purpose 1000%.

As angels in human form, this existence is different from those of us who choose our path as Spiritual beings living a Human experience. These individual are divine and have a higher purpose. His or her purpose is unique to the community into which they have chosen to be a part. Each angel listens with the purity of a divine soul and reacts accordingly.

One of the effects of a divine being squeezed into a human form is that the human body is not designed to house such a being. Imagine if you can the Hoover Dam with all its force and power being funneled into a straw. There is no way the straw can handle the immense force of energy; causing involuntary movements and impulses. This is the effect being an angel has on your angel.

Born with a higher purpose, your angel never 'forgets' the reason for which s/he was born, unlike us. Our purpose is whispered to us at the moment of our birth and then we spend a portion, if not all, of our life 'rediscovering' it. An angel's level of communication exists at a higher frequency of understanding and relatedness. Autistic individuals communicate in the language of peace, acceptance and love. Human beings are not attuned to this frequency.

To clarify: Peace is not about war or not war, but an understanding of self and fulfillment. Acceptance is being with things as they are, not as one hopes they might be. Love is the constant in the universe. All things were created from the source of love.

My purpose is to help the angels connect with their divine purpose by embracing their remarkable power while being an autistic human being. Unfortunately, most angels are limited by the humans surrounding them. Humans are anchored to the physical world, not to the divine. Even those who are 'enlightened' exist within limits unknown by the angels. It is difficult for limitless power to be contained, much like trapping the ocean in a whiskey bottle. The power is always present, yet the physical limits inhibit the external power. However, the internal power is present and available.

I cherish my part in generating these divine light-givers by letting them know that they have an advocate who can communicate using the chakra system and the frequencies they understand. In turn, I understand that they are an immense, limitless power confined in a very limited shell.

I am offering you an opportunity to expand yourself beyond who you know yourself to be. Together, we are going to acknowledge your child's true self, and assist his/her ascension to be a part of the Archangel Gabriel's legion for peace, understanding and self-love. You will understand your child in a new way. Your child will become who s/he was born to be. As the 'parent', you will fully understand your child's place in the world, and fully embrace your role in your angel's life. This child was 'born' to you because it is your life purpose to fulfill on a greater purpose.

Your child's ability to contribute to the world is limitless. Let's talk about the possibilities. I welcome our conversation regarding your angel. Your child is a voice in Archangel Gabriel's Legion for Peace, Acceptance and Love (PAL).

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