You are the story you tell about yourself. I am an Intuitive Coach specializing on 'the story'. How you show up in life is based in part or in total by the story you tell.

If you are looking into any of the other services I offer, coaching will provide the connection to the past, embrace the present, and create the future. An underlying principle of my coaching is that you have the answers that are most valuable and relevant to your life. As a coach, part of my job is to ask questions to help you find the answers that are most valuable to you while working to help you keep true to your values and help you stay on track to get the results you want and live the life you desire.

My purpose is to provide you with the tools with which you will generate peace of mind, release the constraints of the past, fully anticipate the future, and be fully present to the beauty of each moment. I will guide you through simple conversations that provide you with insight into a probable future that illuminates the power of self and possibility. We will focus on the conversations of your life, because its all about you...and the you story you tell. We will have a direct conversation, providing you with insight to aspects of the past, blocks in the present, and a probable future that illuminates the power of self and possibility.

Interview Session

Before entering into a coaching agreement, we must have a conversation.

During the 30-minute Interview Session, we will explore what brings you to coaching and how I might best serve you. Remember, this session is free. During this session, we will basically discuss the ins and outs of coaching, and see if coaching a fit for you, and you will have the opportunity to ask any question that comes to mind. In addition, we will discuss the rules of coaching.

Regardless of what you decide about hiring a coach, I'm committed to providing value for you in this single sample session. There is no obligation to continue beyond that point.

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