Fees are based on the number of guests.

1-4  -- $50 per guest

5-8 -- $45 per guest

9-12 -- $35 per guest

It pays to invite a crowd. More people, more fun!

How to begin:

  • Make a list of people you would like to invite (exclude yourself)
  • Minimum of 4 guests & maximum of 12 guests
  • Choose how you would like to manage the event
  • Private readings (20 minutes each)
  • For this option, arrange a private room for the readings
  • Group readings
  • In this situation, each guest will share the limelight and all readings will be public
  • I am sensitive to what should or shouldn't be discussed, and I will always ask permission before sharing private matters in a group setting
  • Choose a day and time using the scheduler below
  • Schedule a time to talk with me

After our conversation:

  • Forward the email I send to you to invite your guests
  • Manage any questions or issues with regard to your event
  • Maintain conversations with all your guests
  • It is my experience that some people become confronted with what they may hear
  • If your event is more than one month out,  you will need to communicate at least once a week to keep their interest up
  • Plan a menu
  • This does not have to be anything outrageous, but it does keep people busy when they are waiting for their turn, or gives them a chance to share what they've received
  • I would suggest that you request your guests bring something to share
  • Get your next session 50% off.
  • Tell 3 of your friends or family about IntuitiveHealerCoach.
  • When each one schedules an appointment,
  • you get credit toward your discounted session.
  • Receive a free session when you refer 6.
  • Host an Intuitive Gathering for an exciting group experience.

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