As a practitioner of the healing arts, the body knows what the heart wants. In a world where disease is a way of life, it is important to look at what is causing dis-ease. It is the body's resistance to not following the heart’s desire that initiates disease. When exploring the world of healing, it is important to note that healing is not curing. Only God can cure the body. Aligning your chakra system enhances not only your physical body, but your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well. Your chakras are the source of living energy and is made up of seven major chakras. These centers are the focus of a Chakra Alignment. Experiencing an alignment session opens up your chakras and reveals the areas where you store your secrets, grief, stress and disappointment. After a session, you will most likely experience a series of emotional revelations, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

All healing appointments begin with an assessment. I will intuitively assess your chakras for purposes of healing. These energy centers attract the situations and circumstances currently occurring in your life. Joy, laughter, love, health & healthy relationships begin & end with your chakras. They also hold your current & past life memories. A blocked, suppressed, or disrupted chakra becomes an outward expression through disease, depression, and disconnection from others. Reigniting each chakra's flame will set you free from the past & begin your ability to heal the stories that have created your current life. In order to create a life that works, it is important to create a life in balance; thusly, balancing your chakras balance your life. I focus my energies on the healing the human spirit.  In addition to releasing your past-based stories, you may find that chronic illness may dissipate over time.

Chakra Oracle Cards

Scheduling an Oracle Chakra Card session provides you with a visual connection to the chakras that need immediate attention, and in what area specifically needed.

I use Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards & Chakra Insight Oracle Cards; both of which provide unique insight into the possible reasons for a chakra imbalance. Using these cards, we will discuss a regimen of actions to balance your chakra system.

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Chakra Assessment
& Alignment

The seven major chakras are the key elements to having a life with works. Each chakra is identified with physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being. When an imbalance occurs, your body reacts with either an illness or mental breakdown. Along with either, emotional distress compounds the issue(s) and creates outward displays of the inner turmoil. Aligning your chakras generates peace and harmony with all aspects of the human condition.

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Intuitive Release Healing

Intuitive Release Healing is a more intense and invasive form of chakra alignment. We will explore the shadowed parts of your life, exposing the stories behind your disease.

Every story has a source of angst or disappointment. Releasing the dark stories into the light allows the inner turmoil to cease and begin the physical healing connected with stories.

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