As a spiritual being living a human experience, you look for answers that are beyond your immediate reach. As our ancestors looked to the stars for answers, you have the opportunity to search for your answers through the gifts God has given me.  My skills do not include 'fortune telling.' No one can predict the future, only the probable future. Life is filled with choices, and the choices you make alter the path you walk.

Among my gifts, I am able to divine your life purpose and connect with the past lives impacting your current life. Tuning into your Life Purpose message and connecting to past lives often clears the way for your life to break-free from the shadows and emerge as the light you truly are.

With over 25 years of experience, you may be assured that any session you choose will be designed to forward your life. I offer my own unique process to get to the truth YOU need to hear. An intuitive reading can consist of something as simple as a conversation about the past, present or probable future, or can be a series of questions and answers based on a need or want. Whether I consult with spirit guides, those who have passed, review past lives or am given instructions from above, every reading is unique and provides you with a customized session.

In some cases, the answers flow like milk and honey, while at other times, the information remains hidden for a later time. The questions come in our time; the answers come in God's time.

Intuitive Readings

As an Intuitive, I offer  insight into your past (both recent and previous lives) that illuminate the power of who you are and who you were born to be. Ask questions or just sit back and listen. The messages I receive are meant for you.

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Life Purpose Message

Your Life Purpose Message was whispered to you at the moment of your birth. Since then, you have been searching for that elusive statement. It  has been playing in the background your whole life. Knowing the message will change everything.

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Past Life Reading

Your past lives make up who you are spiritually, and sometimes, a past life or two need resolution so you may fulfill on your current life purpose.  Unresolved issues create chaos until acknowledged and unfolded. Resolve the past and embrace your future.

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Intuitive Development

for Adults

Every person has some level of intuitive ability. However, some have a greater gift that should be explored. Most likely your gift is in line with your Life Purpose. Find out the possibilities available with expanding your gifts.

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Intuitive Development for Children

Do you have a child with innate intuitive abilities? Together, we will work with your child and explore the gifts s/he has. Our sessions will consist of exercises, development & homework. And the journey begins...

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Angels Among Us

In my experience, autistic individuals are angels encased in human form. Their divine presence is limited by the human experience. If you are able to connect with this conversation, let's have a talk about how your angel can change the world.

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