I've experienced both the human and the divine, yet the day I met my first angel, Jordyn Pallett, changed not only my life's trajectory, but it enhanced my Life Purpose beyond my wildest imagination.

totally love kyle sutton.

he and i have a very special bond.  he really helped me be ok with who i am.  totally love all my special gifts and my angelic and autistic sides, that i used to resist and wish was different. he could connect with me in a way no one else could. my soul was lifted when around him.  before i could talk with my letter board kyle could understand me.  he is a gift from the almighty to people like me. you should definitely connect with him.

jordyn pallett, 14 yr old autistic angelic wonderful human being

I have been blessed to have had extraordinary life experiences. Spiritually, I am an open book. I accept most aspects of religion and metaphysical realms. I don’t believe any one choice has all the answers, nor do I believe I should exclude any one without exploring the benefits.

Other than my spirit guide, Shea, I have had little to no experience with Angels. I first heard Shea's voice when I was in my late twenties. I had known of my spirit guides for a several years, yet they remained elusive until I was ready. One day while walking, I heard a very distinct voice saying my name. The voice filled me with music, light & joy. Slowly releasing my resistance, Shea told me her name and that she was an angel; an angel that had never incarnated. At that time, I didn’t know what that meant. She continued as she told me that she had been with me since my birth.

Very soon after hearing Shea, I heard the voices of Ramtha, Matilda and John. There was a fifth guide shadowed in the background, but he refused to step forward. Embracing these voices, I began to grow intuitively. My spirit guides spoke through the din of living my human existence. I soon discovered that I could hear voices that weren't connected with me.

It was during this time that I met Kelli Pallett. She and I supported the Landmark  Education TMLP training weekends, and during breaks we talked about our respective families. It was during one of our talks that I first learned of Jordyn, Kelli's autistic son. I had an immediate affinity for Jordyn because I also have a son named Jordan. Kelli and I discussed the individual challenges we experienced with our kids.

About two years into our relationship, I started hearing a voice talking about Jordyn. This voice started giving me messages...meant for me. I was to listen for the Voice of God within, and in doing so I would hear messages meant for others.

In the fall of 2015, Kelli was offered an opportunity to work an event in San Francisco and she asked me if I would come to Toronto to be with Jordyn while she was gone. At first, I was stunned. I wondered what I could bring to the mix. After some contemplation, I accepted her request. Other than my nephew who has Asperger Syndrome, I had no experience with autism.

My nerves were on edge as I boarded a plane to Canada. Passport in hand, I was looking forward to my first stamp. After a brief interview at the Canadian checkpoint, I left the window with my passport unstamped.

Kelli's husband, Mike picked me up at the airport. His energy is so different from Kelli's that I totally understood how they ended up together. Following a few needed stops, we made our way to Hockley. As we pulled into the drive, I looked forward to meeting Jordyn.

I entered their A-frame home and was gleefully greeted by Kelli. Jordyn was completing his lessons in his workroom. With the disruption of my arrival, Jordyn wanted to come out and see who was causing all the commotion.

The moment I lay eyes on Jordyn, I immediately knew that things were not going to be as I had anticipated. I was meeting my first incarnated Angel. My intuitive abilities were spiking off the charts. I am normally able to keep my gifts in check, however, after meeting Jordyn I was receiving multiple downloads and my chakras were spinning out of control.

After settling in, Kelli offered to show me around the house. Kelli showed me Jordyn's workroom which was extraordinary and then she led me into Jordyn's bedroom. Having taken three steps through the threshold, Jordyn walked up to me and took me by the hand. I thought this was a breakthrough. However, he led me back to the kitchen. With no emotion, he abruptly turned and walked back to his bedroom.

Kelli and Mike were surprised by this, and I was stunned. I immediately thought I had made a mistake in coming. Kelli made the comment that I had apparently not earned the right to be in his personal space. We had one full day before Kelli was to leave, so I quickly became familiar with Jordyn's routine. In Kelli's absence, Mike would go to work as usual and he would return home to take care of Jordyn’s evening routine.

It isn’t easy to put into words the difference knowing Kyle Sutton is making in our lives.  Kyle was, and is, able to connect with our non-speaking autistic son, Jordyn, in a way that we hadn’t experienced with any other professional – on a whole other level that communicated to the real him vs. what you might see on the outside given his behaviours.  Kyle’s confident, knowing, humorous straight-talk has guided us to create a space for Jordyn to flourish.  Having this guidance transformed our relationship with Jordyn.  Numerous times I’ve contacted Kyle not knowing how to support Jordyn, and he responds with a few sentences that I implement and then watch the stress in Jordyn fade away practically instantly.  Jordyn knows he has a loving partner in Kyle to help him navigate the world of living in a body that he is not in full control of, while leading a productive life fulfilling the mission he has created for himself.

Kelli Pallett, Jordyn's remarkable mother

I was nervous and apprehensive.

The evening before Kelli left, I received another message, but this time I recognized that it was from the Archangel Gabriel. He told me that he had been the one communicating with me and that Jordyn was his right hand angel; a messenger to the voiceless. He told me that I was the one who was supposed to help Jordyn find his voice and fulfill on his mission to make the world a loving place, free from war and hatred, and create the space for all the angels in human form to assist and be comfortable in their bodies.

Since Kelli was in a flurry of packing and getting ready to leave, I waited to tell her of my revelation. Jordyn and I were going to be partners for three days and I had no idea what I was doing.

Day One: I tried to use my intuitive gifts to connect with Jordyn. He resisted me and the day was stressful for both of us.  Day Two: I tried to be myself without using me intuitive gifts. Another stressful day.   Day Three: I chose to be myself with all the fears, expectations and doubts. We connected in such a remarkable way that Jordyn communicated verbally with me. In the middle of the day, Jordyn took me by the hand and led me into his room. At that point, I didn’t have to know what to do, I just had to be WHO I AM.

Jordyn taught me more in three days than I’d learned my entire life.

Upon my return home, I continued to get messages meant for Jordyn and Kelli. I would email or talk to Kelli about the messages, and what began to happen was when I had a message for Kelli, Jordyn would tell her ‘listen to Kyle’ before I had a chance to talk to her or at the same time I was sending the email. At first it freaked us out, but then it was like a game we played.

Jordyn was becoming a teenager and the physical changes were becoming apparent. Additionally, he was growing into his body. Gabriel told me that Jordyn would begin receiving ‘downloads’ in connection with his mission. I would get notification prior to the download and let Kelli know when it would start and end. She was able to prepare for Jordyn’s reaction to the download; which included restlessness, exhaustion, irritability, withdrawing, being needy, and others.

In the last year, Kelli has been talking to me about other children with autism and I have been able to connect with those children and view their circumstances and their purpose. With Jordyn and Kelli’s help, I have learned that I am here to help these angels any way I can. I am blessed to have this opportunity to continue to work with Jordyn and Kelli, as well as any others who need an advocate for angelic freedom.

If you have a child with autism and would like to schedule a call to discuss the possibilities, please schedule a time when we can talk.

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