Everyone has a story they keep buried deep inside. Sometimes we tell all or part of the story, but it is more than likely that you have buried that story deep inside. It becomes a secret. Maybe you didn't intend for it to be a secret, but the unspoken truth lives in your heart, mind and body, eating away at your health and wellbeing.

Secrets create a darkness. Not sharing your secret begins the onset of dis-ease. Untapped, the secret generates pain and, eventually, dis-ease. Secrets find a way to impact your mind, body, emotions and spirit through your chakra system. Your chakras maintain balance and health. If you are beginning to see the onset of disease and chronic illnesses, or you are unable to maintain an emotional balance, perhaps an Emotional Release session may be right for you now!

A Emotional Release session allows you to fully express yourself freely and without restraint. Express anger, frustration, betrayal. Share that secret that has been boiling beneath the surface for the past (how many) years.  All you have to do is book a specific time and vent to your heart's content.  You can finally get it all off your chest in the manner that feels most natural.

I will listen without judgment, comment or opinion. My commitment is that you say what you need to say to move forward.  To create the space for a new beginning, you want to schedule a Emotional Release session.

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